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 Adjustment to points system and rules

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Number of posts : 3111
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PostSubject: Adjustment to points system and rules   Mon Nov 23, 2015 11:00 am

Adjustment to points system and rules.

It has been discussed and suggested amongst Admins and drivers that a few adjustments to the points system and rules be made.

3 points bonus for a win.
1 point bonus for most laps lead.
1 point bonus for leading a lap.

In order to encourage participation and especially reward drivers showing up for the full racing schedule, dropped races or provisionals are no longer used in the points compilation. Points are now the true representation of participation.

Also with the influx of new drivers, the rules concerning cautions (or non-caution racing incidents) were tweaked and will be enforced.

New drivers on a probation period are under the one caution rule.

Drivers causing two cautions in two consecutive races are to be parked for one race.

Drivers causing one caution in three consecutive races are to be parked for one race.

Race Restart - Drivers causing a caution or wreck on lap 1 of the race will be put to the back at the restart of the race and assigned a caution.

Any situation involving flaming, swearing or unneeded drama during a race will be reviewed by Admins after the race. Depending of the gravity of the situation, various levels of penalty might apply.

Last lap wrecking of the leader in an unsportsmanlike fashion (aka the Kenney rule) will also be reviewed and penalized if needed.  

Drivers considered having a bad driving record (even if these reports are from other leagues) including aggressive or out of control driving, retaliation, purposely wrecking an opponent, swearing, flaming or unneeded drama will simply not be allowed to race at NSR.

The system created by Sim Factory Leagues is a great representation of each driver. This means that if you are driving like an overly aggressive maniac at example:"ABC Racing League", we will take into consideration your driving record and the penalties you were assigned. This will only enforce clean driving amongst all the leagues and expose the "bad apples".

Lap times or speed in general is not what we are looking for. A good driver is not always a fast driver and vice versa. Everybody has the right to participate and they are not judged by their lap times. Granted some drivers are better or faster than others, but overall, every driver deserves the same level of respect. Promoting clean and respectful driving is what it is all about.

Have fun; as there is really absolutely nothing to win or lose but friendship!

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PostSubject: Re: Adjustment to points system and rules   Tue Nov 24, 2015 11:39 am

Great set of rules Pete, hopefully all leagues will adopt them or a similar set of rules. Now if we could come up with a rule for those "good" drivers who run fast qualifying laps and then DQ themselves so they can start in the back and then bulldoze their way to the front trying to do it in 3 laps. I understand the less experienced drivers wanting to start at the back out of respect for their fellow drivers but there are some that do it for their own amusement to see how fast they can get to the front. Usually causes wrecks as other drivers try to get out of their way.
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Number of posts : 3111
Age : 65
Location : Montreal, Quebec
Registration date : 2008-06-20

PostSubject: Re: Adjustment to points system and rules   Tue Nov 24, 2015 11:53 am

These types of drivers should be told that it is not acceptable to DQ themselves and threaten the slower guys with bonehead passing moves. Gil used to be a specialist for that but has since then reverted to normal qualifying.
Sometimes it makes me feel that we are running a kindergarten here. LOL lol!
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PostSubject: Re: Adjustment to points system and rules   

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Adjustment to points system and rules
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