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 Addon 1 caution rule and tags

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PostSubject: Addon 1 caution rule and tags   Thu Aug 27, 2015 4:25 pm

Caution Rules

Caution limits are in place to reduce the number of caution laps by parking drivers that are causing cautions. We've tried several different approaches:

1. Caution log: 1 caution 3 races in a row or 2 cautions 2 races in a row triggers a suspension. This works fairly well but needs to consider more than just a single series and it is never pleasant to sit a driver out.

2. One-caution limit: The admin tells a driver before the race if they are on a one caution limit. If the driver causes a caution early in the race, they are asked to park. After completing the first fuel run, the driver is on a two-caution count for the remainder of the race. To help identify who is a candidate for a one-caution count, we may use the new green flag laps analysis.

There has to be some sort of penalty beyond being parked after two cautions. It doesn't matter if the cautions are caused by over-aggressive driving or self-spins. Both indicate that the driver needs to improve.

Tags in Driver Names

If you want to display a league affiliation, please put a logo on your car. It's easy to have multiple profiles and switch between them with the Launcher if you want to run tags in a league that permits it.

Here's why we don't want tags in the driver name:

1. Real names look more professional
2. Get to know people by their name
3. No assumption of driving ability (it works both ways...if a guy you don't know with a tag cuts you off, every driver with that tag is now on your radar)
4. No chance of "Us" vs. "Them"
5. Drivers build their own reputation without any league baggage
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Addon 1 caution rule and tags
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