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 New rules for new drivers strictly enforced

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PostSubject: New rules for new drivers strictly enforced   Sat Aug 15, 2015 7:19 pm

New rules for new drivers lacking experience or being too dangerous during races.

These are not to chase away new drivers but in order to keep the quality of racing we've been used to for so long. We've had enough caution riddled races lately by drivers either not being ready, lacking experience in Sim Racing, just plain over-driving their cars or just a total lack of respect for their fellow competitors.

From now on, a new driver will be allowed only one caution during a race. If he repeats it in the following race, he will be parked for one race.
Any driver still insisting in not using a proper name instead of a nickname will be booted without any explanations. (Means they have not bothered reading the basic rules)
Drivers showing up late (15 minutes before race) will not be allowed to race unless they have proven themselves previously.
Any driver using a controller other than a wheel will automatically be told to park it.
No laps or lack of practice during pre-race will also get you parked.
Any driver not being able to hold his line during practice will be asked to park it and practice further more at a later time or on his own.
Connection to Teamspeak during practice is required.
Races with numbers over 20 drivers will from now on have Live Admins. Their decisions are final and there is no discussion even if it was an admin mistake. Any incident caused by a new driver (does not need to be a caution) deemed avoidable or bonehead style will automatically result in the driver being ejected from the race. Any flaming on Teamspeak after an Admin decision will have you parked for future races or maybe even banned depending of the severity of your comments.
***** CHASE ***** Chase races. Any driver not having previously raced in at least 4 races before the chase, cannot take part to any chase races.

There are many open servers to practice. This can even be done off line providing you have the right setup. A race is NOT practice time contrarily to what some think.
Results from races from other leagues will also be taken into consideration if you are a real sim racer or just a hooligan coming to disrupt others!
We do not care how fast you are. We only want you to drive clean, respectfully and within your own level of comfort and safety.
New add-ons will show up progressively in this post as we move ahead in putting back some order during races.
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New rules for new drivers strictly enforced
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