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 Why do we need to use our real names?

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PostSubject: Why do we need to use our real names?   Mon May 11, 2015 10:49 am

Feel free and don't be shy adding your comments on this post.

First and foremost, ASRX is a Sim and NOT a game. In order to show there is a racing community, the use of real names is mandatory. I think it is the job of each league admin to uphold these standards and I support these admins for their hard work. This will also help to keep people responsible for their actions, in the Sim and on the forums. Your real name is associated with your behavior, good or bad.
If for some strange and unknown reason you cannot or do not want to use your real name, pick one like John Smith. It is not a suggestion but a simple rule.
It is also easier to develop friendships when calling people by their real name.
Also if you are serious about Sim racing, this rule makes all drivers accountable for their actions.
Same rule for tags will apply. No real name and/or the use of tags will force us to eject you from the race. I understand there are leagues, but first it is a community. If it was not for the hard work of some to bring this community to life we would all be paying big bucks and be on iRacing. There you are forced to use your real name period.

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Why do we need to use our real names?
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